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Coronavirus reverse Trojan for the 4IR

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Great article by Stephers over at POM.

I am quite sure that the masks and vaccine threat are misdirections for the real goal: global technocracy. Do your research and watch some of the links in this piece.

4IR is coming to a country near you, and it’s going to wipe out anyone world leader that comes in its way.

The Coronavirus paradigm reflects the iconic Trojan horse tale, but has been inverted. It’s a virus of paradox — a Trojan virus, if you will. So, whereas Trojan computer viruses are seemingly benign programs that hide more malicious intent, this novel virus has been portrayed as malicious, but may be more of an exaggeration, and potentially even a misrepresentation of a threat. Whether or not you believe that there is a manufactured pandemic, or subscribe to the notion, “Never let a crisis go to waste,” bot

Source: Trojan horse here, Trojan horse there, Trojan horses everywhere – Piece of Mindful

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Guess who’s funding the new world religion

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I’ll give you a hint – he’s an elite eugenicist married to someone that looks like a man.

Vernon is giving us more nuggets to ponder. The new world order one religion project has been well underway for a while. It even has a name: Chrislam. Good old New World Order soldiers Tony Blair and Barack Obama are also involved.

Perhaps the Pope will be ruling from his chair in Jerusalem sooner than we thought.

Another Chrislam link

Pope and the NWR

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Covid Hole-y Sex

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How much more proof do you need that Covid has nothing to do with health and everything to do with the coming technocracy?

Technocracy is non partisan and is not communism, it’s simply central social and economic management by social engineers and “experts”.

When the state comes into the bedroom, you know they’ve gone too far with their social experiment.

For the uninitiated, a glory hole commonly refers to a wall with a hole in it to facilitate sexual contact. Glory holes are largely associated with gay male culture or sex work and have historically been used as a way to maintain anonymity between participants.


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You can’t wake up those that are pretending to be asleep

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How Do I Wake Up My Friends and Family?

2020-07-18 by corbett@corbettreport.com (The Corbett Report)

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Episode: www.corbettreport.com/mp4/qfc0…

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is how someone can wake up their friend, family member or coworker. It is, of course, and unanswerable question, but I gained a new insight into the question of waking up recently that might help us understand and approach the question in a different way . . .

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Where did the virus hoax idea come from?

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Let’s go back a few years…maybe we can SMJ can do some wikiing.

As I suspected, I have definite hits early on in my suspicion that the existence of viruses themselves are nothing but a spook project. The three European scientists, Adolf Mayer, Dmitri Ivanovsky, and Martinus Beijerinck, who are credited as discovering the Tobacco Mosaic Virus, don’t have obvious markers on their pages, other than the fact that it was never claimed by them that they’d discovered anything new, and all of their pages seem like they could practically have been invented out of thin air because their careers amounted to nothing more than setting the supposed groundwork for Wendell Meredith Stanley.

The only reference to Martinus Beijerinck’s supposed personal life is a Dutch article with no sources, published 3/24/20.

Adolf Mayer could have been invented as well. It doesn’t matter since they didn’t put forward the idea of a virus as it is claimed to exist now. They simply didn’t think whatever was getting the tobacco plants sick was a bacteria. They may just be people who’s work was dug up later to fill in the gaps.

Here’s a marker for spookiness on ALL THREE. The only English references to any of their work were all translated by J. Johnson, in 1942. Go to their Wikipedia pages and check who translated the one and only paper of all three who were referenced. The trouble? Beijerinck was Dutch, Mayer was German, and Ivanovsky was Russian. This is given no explanation whatsoever.

“Translated into English in Johnson, J., Ed. (1942) Phytopathological classics (St. Paul, Minnesota: American Phytopathological Society)”

This comes up on all three of their Wikipedia source lists under their “original” articles. I don’t know, it stinks as fishy to me.

Now on to Wendell Meredith Stanley.

He’s the one later linked to having physically seen viruses which to me is bunk.
Let’s start with his awards:
Newcomb Cleveland Prize (1936)
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1946)
Willard Gibbs Award (1947)
Franklin Medal (1948)
Order of the Rising Sun (1966)

Okay that might mean nothing. Institutions?
Rockefeller Institute
University of California, Berkeley.

No comment.

The first sentence of his bio makes no sense except to point out that with no accomplishments he was already on the National Research Council before the age of 27, when he returned from Germany. Its not even a well-written sentence.

As soon as he returned from Germany, still with no accomplishments, he joined the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, until 1948. In 1948 (my guess is it was closer to 47), he moved to University of California, Berkeley to become Professor of Biochemistry.

It gives almost no information about what he won all of these prizes for, and then goes on to say that what he won them for were soon later proven to be false anyway.

He married in 1929, somewhere around when he was supposed to have been in Germany, so that doesn’t make a lot of sense and almost no info is given.

One of the only links to anyone of any sort of accomplishment is that his daughter married the team physician for the Golden State Warriors and Oakland Raiders, and given how much athletes fake injuries he’s probably just an actor anyway. His article is also ridiculous, claiming he had the world’s largest magic collection, he was an amateur athlete, he worked for Walt Disney after high school, he was given a contract to the New York Giants but turned it down to become a doctor, he later sold his magic collection to David Copperfield.

The only other thing I was curious about was the Order of the Rising Sun prize. Apparently it is given out by the Japanese Emperor, though it isn’t explained Stanley received it in 1966, as before WWII it was reserved specifically as a military medal, and even now it is given out as a military medal.

Seems odd though that a Nobel prize winner would be okay with her daughter marrying a guy who was way way too into magic. The magic collection also implies some hidden money somewhere along the way, because to have the world’s largest collection of anything requires some serious green.

Though it fits in with my thesis that viruses are nothing but smoke and mirrors anyway, that a doctor for sports teams married to the daughter of a spook professor would be way too into the science of illusion.

Since although google and wikipedia led me in the wrong direction on this one, this was the official path they sent me on when I googled “Who discovered viruses?”, it seems like they should have a more clear answer than some possibly nonexistent Europeans and a magician/doctor’s father in law. You’re welcome to dig further but my suspicion is you’ll find nothing.

And, to cap it off, this proves in a roundabout way that even when the supposed 1918 flu was spreading, no one at the time thought it was caused by a virus since they’d never even heard of viruses because they hadn’t been discovered yet.


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