Coronavirus reverse Trojan for the 4IR

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Great article by Stephers over at POM.

I am quite sure that the masks and vaccine threat are misdirections for the real goal: global technocracy. Do your research and watch some of the links in this piece.

4IR is coming to a country near you, and it’s going to wipe out anyone world leader that comes in its way.

The Coronavirus paradigm reflects the iconic Trojan horse tale, but has been inverted. It’s a virus of paradox — a Trojan virus, if you will. So, whereas Trojan computer viruses are seemingly benign programs that hide more malicious intent, this novel virus has been portrayed as malicious, but may be more of an exaggeration, and potentially even a misrepresentation of a threat. Whether or not you believe that there is a manufactured pandemic, or subscribe to the notion, “Never let a crisis go to waste,” bot

Source: Trojan horse here, Trojan horse there, Trojan horses everywhere – Piece of Mindful

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2 thoughts on “Coronavirus reverse Trojan for the 4IR

  1. barbm124

    it reads like a commercial for some conspiracy crap written by controlled opposition. Sorry, but the possibilities of manipulating human race are very limited. Transhumanism is a hoax. Not even artificial hips do really work. And genetic manipulations are limited to what breeders do: inbreeding and selection. Why do you think are there so many ugly blockbuster actors? Jack Black comes to mind. They are all from the families and the families would do anything to breed only the best of the best of the best sir, but it does not work that way. And without fresh blood you’ll get what Miles Mathis points out: big noses and such. I’m sure they do lots of in vitro using what they consider to be the best genes but this also does not always produce what one would expect. That’s why there are so many ugly stars.

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