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What is Vietnam doing? Do they not have media there?

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Does the Johns Hopkins Bill Gates Corona simulation center not have Vietnamese translators – or does the magic virus simply stop at their border?

Vietnam, we are told, has 97 million people. It’s the size of the US East coast, and just as dense. It has a 1444km border with CHINA, the so called epicenter of this hoax.

So where are the vicsims?

Did the Event201 budget run out when it came to certain countries? Is it already a technocracy?

What gives?


Source: Vietnam Coronavirus: 417 Cases and 0 Deaths – Worldometer

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FAC724-FART with Velo’s characters

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Velo brought Uncle Rollo, Max Ego, Horny Geris, to join Ab, Rollo, Exoterick, Goldenskidmark, Geris and save an otherwise coronaflat FART.

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Is this really happening Australia?

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Door to door military inspections and threats – police checkpoints on roads – media editorializing and condemning those that question authority and the coronavirushoax – is Australia now a police state?

Sure looks that way.

Sure hope Americans don’t put up with this insanity – although I’m almost certain Canadians will.

What will YOU do?

Source: Young conspiracy theorist condemned for ‘childish act’ at Victoria checkpoint | Sky News Australia

Who is Eve Limberiou Known as Eve Black (Viral Video)Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts
h/t Exoterick on fake11.com/discord

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Vern spins us into La-la land

likes this

Took Vern 3 months, and Ricky’s (patron) comment, to finally firm up his gatekeeping assignment.

He’s pro vaccine, and with a bit more testing, probably pro Covid vaccination.

No need to save this video.

He says so himself.

LA la land begins at 9:11, of course.

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FAC723-Bigvirushoax call

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Zoom call with bigvirushoax.com

Brian on Rosie:

Press Your Luck Doc

Hands on a Hardbody:


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