FAC723-Bigvirushoax call

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Brian on Rosie:

Press Your Luck Doc

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2 thoughts on “FAC723-Bigvirushoax call

  1. dirtybenny

    Coleman puts out a video a day and can’t manage to find the time to address the hoaxery of germ theory.
    Reminds me of Fetzer still trying to figure out who shot JFK. VC talks about the megalomaniacs Hitler and Mao as if they were not orchestrated actors. Reminds me of the mantra of Trump being a “loose cannon”, you never know what he will say. Part of the script as much as the blatant and obviously scripted actor, Trump. Coleman is either naive or a scripted character himself. I favor the latter.

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    some good audios the past few days, as always ab you make any conversation listenable, particularly impressed with the young lady who’s child is vaccine free,
    But let’s keep it clear to people that in order for a doctor or researcher with ethics to get into vaccine research the pharmaceutical responsibilities guilt is removed, but a cursory inspection of history and effectiveness of vaccines proves more harm than good, so any medical professional who is involved in the vaccine business says that there is no danger would not say that if the responsibility was placed on them,unless they were unethical.

    Oh and the medical ethics books are 10apenny

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