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(pre)Conditioning Coronavirushoax in Unlocked

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Michael Douglas looking more like Kirk as he ages in this clearly designed movie Unlocked, directed by a favorite director of the Up series Michael Apted – conditioning us to expect and accept the Coronavirus hoax script.

Medical martial law.

As previously stated, we are in a medical martial law coup.


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Media theater to discredit truthers

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Here’s an old media bully Bill O’Reilly using a 9/11 LARPing victim’s son to discredit critical thinkers.


Here’s another staged media event LARPer in today’s Coronavirushoax theater being dressed down by another media bully actor.


Both are meant to dissuade anyone from questioning the official story by humiliation and ridicule.

If you understand the 9/11 psyOp, Coronavirushoax is much easier to understand. Both use military psyOp standard techniques to influence you.

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Barry Smith on the NWO from 2000

likes this

I love going back and checking predictions.

Barry breaks down that the Y2K hoax was a cover for the heisting of public funds (as usual) to upgrade the world banking control grid.

He also talks about freemasonry and its founding of the USA.

Two more of his videos.

H/t Antipodean @ fake11.com/discord

I still think Revelations from the Bible are man written blueprints from a very recent history.

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