Rigged sports are back

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National Magnetball League

The NBA is back! There’s is definitely some truth to this video. Something is going on with the basketballs in the NBA. Pushing aside the bullshit in this video about blood sacrifices, the footage of these balls getting stuck right above the rims, balls being shot almost half court and going in regularly and these balls that magically go with bounces. Something is up.

Source: Questioning Our Reality: Rigged Rims And Balls

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1 thought on “Rigged sports are back

  1. YouCanCallMeAl

    I thought there would be some good video footage here, but I don’t see it on this video. No balls bending into the ring or stuff like that. There are 3 shots where the ball gets stuck on the ring – those do look suspicious, but could also be explained by the mechanics of the ball and the ring; at least from the angle we are presented. So, no, I’m not convinced by this evidence.


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