FAC726-FART Attack with Jon LeBon

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Big call with Ab, Rollo, Exoterick, Goldenskidmark, Beevie, Geris, DaveJ, John le Bon, Farcevalue, Uncle Rollo, Horny Geris, Drunk le Bon, Golden Silence, Velocet

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6 thoughts on “FAC726-FART Attack with Jon LeBon

  1. smj

    We both know we don’t think I’m a champ of anything. Butwhatever, I must admit my ‘father of’ wiki technique is getting more difficult the deeper into the hustle I go. Let’s take for instance the psi symbol guy, his wiki page does mention negentropy in passing but it doesn’t explicitly mention his aperiodic crystal theory that got the gullible apes to believe that life is a code.

    We’re good though cause we both know we cannot believe in dna, right darcy? You’ve christened yourself the world’s greatest skeptic of course so I assume you can’t believe in the virus narrative so therefore per the Hershey chase experiment we both know dna is also nonsense. No need to be enemies. We can work out our differences. I’m sure there’s a good reason you thought rollo employed reason with his pronunciation retort to your mentor’s metonic story.

    1. John le Bon

      We can work out our differences.

      I didn’t even know we had any differences.

      All I know is that when I’m around, you’re the first in line to listen to every single word I have to say 🙂

      1. smj

        My bad, I assumed you thought rollo was being clever and that I wiki’d too much.

        And If I cared about every single word you say I’d pay for em of course.

  2. smj

    I’m not sure how to pronounce pronunciation andwhatnot but I had no idea that the pronunciation of a word that has nothing to do with the argument being made defeats said argument. Is that the kind of valuable insight that I could buy behind Darcy’s paywall?

    If so; that would be some value for value for real. Is there any way to get a limited time membership? And by limited time I mean a minute or two. I’d really like to ask nego who taught him to say negentropic.

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