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  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    In contrast to modern war epics, the battle sequences in “Gladiator” involved close sword fighting, requiring intricate staging and long rehearsals to ensure everyone’s safety. Fight master Nicholas Powell, whose previous credits include “Braveheart,” was responsible for choreographing the film’s myriad sword fights. He also had to train all the actors and stuntmen, as well as the 1,000 extras who took part in the opening battle. His first priority was Russell Crowe, so weeks ahead of principal photography Powell went to Australia to work one-on-one with the actor.

    ‘All the actors had a lot to learn in terms of this kind of fighting. There was a tremendous amount of swordplay, which necessitated everyone to remember exact movement and placement to avoid anyone getting something broken… or their head taken off,” Scott says, only half kidding.

    Powell explains, “Ridley wanted close fighting, which looks better on screen, but has slightly more intrinsic risk, especially since we were primarily using metal weapons. It’s really a matter of getting the choreography down perfectly and keeping the guys on the ball all the time. They could never think, ‘Well, we’ve done it ten times, so we’re okay’ All you need is someone in the wrong place, someone to hit your arm and your hand moves… They had to concentrate every single time they did it, or there was a potential for someone to get hurt
    thought this was relevantafter all we have all been trained to react

  2. dirtybenny

    I am extremely suspicious of this “ex” BBC reporter who worked their for 11 years. She then publishes a book Making the News 2018 Paperback – September 4, 2018.
    From her own words, “what an interesting experiment putting these videos on my channel”

    Per her Amazon profile,”Having trained to become a psychotherapist, I became far more aware of my ego and agenda. ”

    “I am not calling people conspiracy theorists.” Yep, that sounds like a journalist alright.

    “I am not censoring anyone.” a bizarre statement to make.

    “I really am just a platform within a platform.” Indeed, I think that is exactly what she is.

    Her story of why she started this series rings totally false to me. While she chooses to show the audience a photo of a black masked clerk while telling the flimsy story.
    About me
    Over the last two years Anna Brees has provided in-house media training, to professionals all over the UK including the NHS, Transport for Wales, Admiral, Traffic Scotland, county councils in Somerset & North Wales, Cardiff University, CIPR, Welsh Blood Service, Careers Wales, Sports Wales, Agored Cymru, Cardiff Met, National Lottery, the PGA Golf Association and many more.

    Sounds like an outsider to me….love the touch of the fake eyelashes on this sculpted video in the grey t-shirt so that it has an authentic feel to it. In the acquiescence video, I can’t make out all of her shirt, but perhaps one eye symbolism and dragon.

    More truth on one hour of a fakeologist chat than from her whole truthtelling career. These vids seem staged with actors to me. They are too well scripted and spoken for average people whose verbal skills are rarely exercised. Perhaps a vehicle for the AI gauging human responses.

    1. xileffilex

      Anyone and everyone who has made videos against the incessant tide of governement Covid propaganda and constraints has been called out as controlled opposition at some stage. I get an Amazing Polly feeling from Anna. Who knows what’s behind it, but if it wakes anyone up, or causes them to be more emboldened, then that’s OK. Jeff C is doing good work – so too is this guy who had a falling out with PeeKay – who seemed not to let him get a word in edgeways when he interviewed him , lol!
      I like his take, and he always copies some good memes
      And of course it goes without saying that the job of the fact checkers, 77th Brigade and other low level intel grades is to call anyone out as controlled opposition in the comments, lol! Perhaps they even call out controlled opposition as controlled opposition too. All very Kafkaesque. Even I am controlled opposition, perhaps.

      Edit. The waykiwayki linked youtube video of Mark, Aug 3 Elite Full Throttle part 8 was removed which I only saw when I copied it from my browser. Here it is

      channel – www.youtube.com/user/waykiwayk… but be quick when he uploads.

      Only a few parts haven’t been removed by youtube’s censors.

      1. ab Post author

        Yes you’ve been suspect after your vicsim skepticism.
        Our job here is to take all the good from whoever and collate it into a great resource. I think I’ve accomplished that.


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