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  1. xileffilex

    This guy’s done a video on the WEF playmobiles

    The “Pandemic” Is Just A Smokescreen For The NWO
    58 views• Aug 15, 2020

    Yep, it has been a long time in gestation.
    To re-interpret, it’s the smokescreen the already in-place global government has laid to create the wartime conditions for the great re-set via the Covid-19 hoax.

  2. xileffilex

    I hadn’t come across him – he’s right on the ball as you say, Ab. I’ve already liked to one aspect of the WEF’s magic 3-d kaleidoscope of outcomes, that for AGILE GOVERNANCE elsewhere. But you can just click on Covid-19 and that goes to the centre of the toy…
    click on the” Media’s Role in Covid 19″…. which does link to Behavioural sciences [see below]

    And this Covid diagram was first cached on MARCH 12, the day after the fake pandemic was declared.

    As Tim says, these toys weren’t developed overnight, even the insertion of just one new hot topic..

    Agile Governance model first cached MARCH !6 2020!

    By way of contrast – Cities and Urbanisation first cached May 6 2019
    Global Governance April 20 2019

    The Great Reset – June 6 2020 [shortly after it was ‘premiered’ by Klaus Schwab, this ‘window of opportunity’….
    And notice how the Great Reset has the most complicated set of links….
    Sustainable development – April 15 2019
    Climate Change – April 7 2019
    Digital Economy – April 16 2019
    Fourth Industrial Revolution – November 14 2019
    Futuyre of Economic Progress August 6 2019
    Behavioural Sciences [inc. changing behaviour for sustainability] – August 13 2019
    How interesting that there is no link from Behaviour to Covid 19!!!
    The Future of Consumption December 15 2019
    Virtual and Augmented Reality – December 21 2019

    ……and you can spend hours playing with this 3-d blueprint.

    So, an initial burst of activity in 2019, then the wait for someone to press the reset button in 2020. **

    Is there any way to find new additions to the 3-d catherine wheel easily?

    ** Oh, here’s a brand new one .. JUNE 28 2020
    – well what a coincindence!

    Good luck young people.

    1. xileffilex

      Some more fun topics conjured up by the WEF
      Civic Participation – first cached January 12 2020
      [sub-set 21st century citizens doesn’t link to religion, I notice]
      Internet Governance First cached January 9 2020
      Sub set Internet Surveillance has most links to……AGILE GOVERNANCE but also to ..possibly a brand new addition to the ferris wheel –

      Digital Identity — not cached in the web archive. interesting! Well, i’ve just saved that one, August 2 2020
      Coming to you soon!

      and an older one….

      Blockchain – first archived November 10 2019

      These are the interesting ones. You could go on and on.

      And here’s the WEF’s covidpass technology creted by their ‘global leader’ Mustapha Mokass [lol!]
      Premiered July 30 2020, launching Sept 2020.

      Happy travels, everyone, if you’re still keen.

      It’s all there, all cards laid on the table, as previously hinted at.

      “mandatory carbon-offsetting” included.

      1. xileffilex

        First archived July 16 2020

        which plugs into a much older topic
        The Future of Mobility.
        introduced October 1 2019 – and see how mobiliity has changed since the Covid hoax.

        and now….July 24 2020
        Israel’s ‘smart commuting’ shows what public transport could be like after COVID-19

        developed a range of creative solutions, such as a large-scale pilot to re-invent mass commuting with cutting-edge technology, combining pooled rides in private cars with on-demand transit services.

        Its experience shows that change in this sector is possible, and could serve as a model for many other congested, polluted cities and countries that aspire to a cleaner and more equitable future.

        There’s an audio at the bottom –
        World vs Virus.
        [better translated as the WEF vs all of us]

        “We will come out of this, eventually in a stronger form in terms of globalisation global co-operation, in a better form for sure”


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