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WHO characterizes COVID-19 as a pandemic – but doesn’t call it one

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PK did a video on this but I can’t find it.

Update: Andy found it and emailed me. Thank you.

Not sure if I made my own post on this. Here it is again.

Start at 2:11 – and note the words.

Dr.? Tedros characterizes this as a pandemic.

He doesn’t call it a pandemic.

It just looks like one.

That’s because it’s simulation. A war game. A military exercise.

Our controllers are careful not to lie overtly. They can infer and imply, but they don’t lie. Lies may have more legal consequences – in their system.

Tedros is an an actor – an actor who is reading the NWO script. I doubt he has anything to do with the creation of this psyOp, but is put in the lead for various politically correct blackmail operations.


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Why do public health “officers” need bodyguards and drivers?

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The highest paid swivel servants in countries, states, provinces, cities, and towns include the public health officers.

These are the Bill Gates’ WHO henchmen.

They are running the world right now, circumventing all world government constitutions and legislatures.

When people wake up and realize who’s calling the shots, it will all make sense why they are highly paid and protected.

Who’s your top officer?

If we ever end this war – and have the Coronaburg trials – they’ll be the first to be tried.

Quebec public health director Dr. Horacio Arruda is part of the select club of highest-paid senior civil servants in the province. The Francois Legault CAQ government recently awarded the director of public health a new three-year contract, starting Aug. 1, and, at the end of the term, he will have pocketed nearly $1 million or more.

Source: Director of public health set to make nearly $1 million in three years | CTV News

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