2 thoughts on “Another terrific Tim truther

  1. ricky

    Isn’t that the ongoing festering carbuncle on the ass we all endure xileffilex? People like you, smart, critical thinkers are the problem now. We live in a world of engineered morons, I started noticing something going wrong with people about thirty years ago. It’s reached it’s desired phase and now nothing can move the herd from marching into the slaughterhouse. I’m convinced there won’t be any mass “awakening,” critical thinking skills have been purposefully extracted from the masses, it’s like losing an arm, it’s not coming back for those that have lost it. I come to this site to read and hear the misfits that don’t fit in anymore, it’s great for escapees but the masses will never catch on.

  2. xileffilex

    This guy has a fantastic script – I’m not being cynical – whether he wrote it himself or not. Why cannot anyone with a grain of intelligence understand themselves the Covid nonsense which he cogently points out?
    These are all slam dunk rebuttals of the lunatic course of action we have all been subjected to. None of them a MSM story, naturally.

    I wonder whether the government CAN control death figures. They must be the easiest thing to simulate.

    Interesting point of the psychological triads used to control us. I still haven’t seen any explanation of why death signers have such an important place in these various government control edicts. I get the feeling they’re also psychological tools aimed at hearing people in order to ramp up the import of the steering.

    This specific video July 31 giving new “guidance” aimed at deaf people has had 68 views….



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