German protests ignored in North American media

likes this

Our media talks about space fake flights while Germans take to the streets.

This is shadowbanning news. through omission.

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1 thought on “German protests ignored in North American media

  1. nico haupt

    Unfortunately the majority of protesters do not believe in the CoronaHoax !!
    They’re more aginst the restrictions, masks etc. As i am saying in my article at… :
    “…don’t trust Ken Jebsen (Ken FM), Christian Drosten, Wolfgang Wodarg, David Crowe, ““, Bodo Schiffmann, “Wissensmanufaktur”, “Widerstand 2020”,, “Demokratischer Widerstand” (Berlin), “Querdenken 711″ (Stuttgart), Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Stefan Homburg, Dr. Coldwell, Dr. Mark Benecke, Dr Judy Mikovits, Heiko Schrang, Attila Hildmann or also Xavier Naidoo (influenced by Oliver Janich) etc., which might be false front, to trigger some police state !…”


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