I want to put out this video because I’m afraid

like this

So many awake people out there just waiting to talk.

Just ask them.


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2 thoughts on “I want to put out this video because I’m afraid

  1. Gabriel

    Good to see a fellow Texan speaking out. I hope others start thinking the same way. I am not seeing the rebellion just yet. I went grocery shopping this weekend and I was the only one in the store with no mask. I was hassled about it last week but this week they did not say anything. I know all this is a ploy on us. They want us fighting amongst ourselves. I am just super uncomfortable in a mask and I will have to tolerate being attacked for not wearing one. It sucks.

  2. xileffilex

    Great articulate statement.

    One UK “anti-woke” independent ** media and ‘internet magazine’ site Spiked ** reckons masks is not the hill to die one. [which future hill isn’t specified ….]

    Well, the mask compulsion is not going away any time soon, the easiest way to conformers or non-conformers to be identified in the herd. A wonderful dream for the herders of the animals on the farm thanks to the behavioural mind-benders at work in every branch of the global government acting in an “Agile” fashion.

    ** I’m not taken in by Spiked, incidentally, they think all terrorism is real, lol! It’s filled with exiles from Living Marxism, btw. lol! File under controlled opposition.


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