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Will black armbands be the new sign of covid resistance?

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We all know how the yellow stars worked out.

This is going to take some thinking.

At least some are thinking of solutions.

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Mask cast

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Who’d wear a CAST on
a leg that’s not broken?

COVID is invisible (as it
doesn’t exist) & so doesn’t
register in blood tests or
ANY tests.

“It’s symptoms”
are generic nothings.

Yet: We wear masks,
disinfect & distance?

Remember the CAST?


#rogerbezanis t.co/1oMxt5EENL

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FAK235-Uncle Odd

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Todd and I do the first of a weekly show where we discuss the weekly corona issues.

Not sure why there was echo at my end.

Zoom may need some tweaking.


Discuss on discord fake11.com/discord

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