FAK237-Chris Kendall’s sister Renee

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Took a while, but Renee gave me a call at 647-812-3917 to give me her side of the story on the death of her brother, Chris Kendall.

I explained to her most of us were big fans of Chris, but were naturally skeptical of his death – which is an honor to him.

She’s joined the fakeologist site, and says she has an interest in fakeology. She’ll be learning more by listening to the many Hoaxbusters calls I posted on here.


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7 thoughts on “FAK237-Chris Kendall’s sister Renee

    1. Unreal

      “I’m even more sceptical now. But that’s just me.”

      It’s not just you, Xileffilex.

      Everything about Chris Kendalls death complies perfectly with standard fake truther death procedure – including the sad sister follow-up whose tears are hard to believe and see on air.

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