Is Jeff Bezos Just An Actor?

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This is from 1999, but it doesn’t make any sense even back then as to why Jeff Bezos who was worth billions of dollars at the time was driving a Honda. I mean come on. You have billions of dollars and run a massive company yet you want a car that his slave employees drive? Is Bezos just an actor or frontman for a company that is taking over everything? How can you not question this?

Source: Questioning Our Reality: Is Jeff Bezos Just An Actor?

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2 thoughts on “Is Jeff Bezos Just An Actor?

  1. xileffilex

    probably another front man, just like Klaus.
    I don’t think “front girl” Greta will find any fault with Jeff’s totally non-sustainable non-inclusive airline project…
    Amazon buys its first planes to expand air network
    just the start of things flying, like book sales were for Bezos.

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