Real, fake, or hybrid?

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We report, you decide.

Beirut explosion.

Did someone let Terry Nichols out from Flomax?

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5 thoughts on “Real, fake, or hybrid?

  1. localherog2

    I think it’s fake (as usual). Saw a video of the explosion slowed way down and the smoke in the background never moved like the explosion was superimposed over it.

    1. napoleon wilson( non mason )napoleon wilson( non mason )

      theres some biblical bullshit in allthis maybe plagues and unborn god knows what but because i see patterns and have been waiting for the reverse univers , big crunch whatever we are nowin full retard , im not sayingtrump will walk backwards from the whitehouse but figuratively the artistocrats have managed to implant the grand narative smj has talked about onto the acting clans , vaguely disguised in stellar phenomenon 911 directors and actors , you know what i think about most the stories were handed but i do believe this tenet movie will tie reality to fiction the way 911 did , has trump said buthead yet

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