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Smashing Windows good times in Victoria Australia – medical martial law

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The only Windows that should be smashed are the ones owned by Microsoft.

If only this guy was an actor. Could this happen in the United States? I really hope not.

WHO World Order


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Looking for the key to destroy the entire Coronavirushoax

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Mark is one of the very few people in the entire world who is getting closer to blowing this hoax wide open. I’m copying the entire post in case anything happens to his blog.

I am not sure we are clear among ourselves about the existence of a virus, whether it is a laboratory invention, or just an old virus being recycled under a new name. My own opinion is none of the above. There is no virus. None was needed.

The pandemic consists of two elements: A wild and inflammatory news media that is lying about everything related to the virus, and the PCR* test. That’s all that is needed to run a fake pandemic. As I’ve said before, the test is the virus. No other virus need apply.

But we should talk about the virus, as it is indeed a small part of the hoax. Sadly, the scientific IQ of the American public resides somewhere between that of an amoeba and a rainbow trout. So what follows is academic in this sense, that it is important for our readers, but wasted on any debate you might be having with ordinary civilians.

Keep in mind that even as I have done much reading and thinking about this subject, I am narrowly focused, and can easily overlook stuff. I therefore refer you to a comment left yesterday by Oregonmatt. He’s got a broader base of knowledge than I do. Barbm has also left useful comments here and here.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, a good man of course, talks about virus isolation at length in many of his videos. He is linked in the blogroll here. But he is confusing in a way, as he says, as I read him, that the first step in the isolation process is isolation of the virus. As my old high school teacher used to say (heavy Irish brogue), “Brown paper is brown paper.” You can’t define something by merely restating what it is. He seems to say that to isolate the virus, you must first isolate the virus.

Then follow filtration and purification. Once done, if successful, they achieve what is called a “gold standard.”

I would make the total process to be more like the following:

Identification of a diseased person.
Drawing of a tissue, fluid or blood sample from that person.
Centrifuge, or spinning the sample drawn at a very high rate of speed to force smaller particles to the end of the test tube. If there is a virus, it should reside there.
At this point what they have is chicken noodle soup maybe containing the virus along with a lot of other stuff. Much more work has to be done.

Filtration – the soup from above has to be repeatedly refined though smaller and smaller filters to remove all undesirable non-viral particles.
Purification – once done to such a degree that any gene sequence drawn from the purified sample always yields the same product, it can be said that they have indeed “isolated” the virus.
This is the gold standard. However, keep in mind that achieving it does not necessarily mean that it is the cause of the disease. It could be that the virus was a mere passenger and that the illness has some other cause. Modern virology asserts that correlation equals causation. No one in the medical professions publicly questions germ theory.

That caution in mind, if they then want to test the public for spread of the virus, they have a somewhat usable tool in the PCR machine to do this. The results will not be terribly reliable, that is, they can identify viral presence, but not quantity of viruses present. Thus, the test should only be used on sick people.

But without a gold standard, it’s all academic.

The Wuhan, China virologists back in February did some very sloppy work. They apparently stopped the isolation process after centrifuge, never bothering to carry on with the rest of the process. It could be that they were pressured by people dying around them to come up with something quick, but that does not explain why they have not completed the isolation process in the ensuing months. No one has.

I have an explanation for that behavior: They were told to come up with something quick and not to worry about follow-up, as the planning for the pandemic did not require an actual virus. They just went through the motions.

The PCR testing that has been done since that time produces random results in my view, neither wrong or right, but simply useless. Sometimes they are positive, most times negative, sometimes “indeterminate.” But important fallout from the test is the public perception that testing positive means you have the disease. It actually means nothing, since there is no gold standard. Anyway, has anyone explained how the virus, if it even exists, causes disease? Further, can anyone explain how someone can test positive for the virus and so have the disease, and yet exhibit no symptoms?

That last part, asymptomatic carriers, it a vital element being used to keep the hoax alive. As I see it, there can be no such thing. Back in the 1930s a Rockefeller Foundation scientist, Thomas Rivers, was tasked with coming up with an alternative to Koch’s Postulates for viruses. KPs state that for a pathogen to be labeled as the cause of a disease, it 1) must be found in sick people, 2) not in healthy people, and further 3) that the disease must then be replicated in a living subject so that 4) the pathogen can be found once more to verify it as the cause of the disease.

Rivers merely set ASIDE parts one and two of KPs aside, saying that mere presence of the virus in sick people was enough. Those who also carried the virus but were not sick could be called asymptomatic carriers. A more logical conclusion would have been that, since viruses appear in both sick and healthy people, that viruses are not the cause of the disease. Had he done that, we might have a much better health care system in place today. Instead we are stuck with one riddled with pseudos, quacks and criminals.

I refer you to the following article in Global Research: National Security Alert: COVID Tests Scientifically Fraudulent, Epidemic of False Positives. In it authors DeGraw, Engelbrecht and Demeter assail the current testing going on. Most interesting (the whole paper is readable for the layman) is that the authors contacted the authors of four scientific papers claiming to have isolated SARS-CoV-2, the virus that supposed causes Covid-19 (a disease, by the way, that has no unique symptoms). They asked them all

“Do your electron micrographs show the purified virus?”

Here are the responses they got:

“The image is the virus budding from an infected cell. It is not purified virus.”
“We could not estimate the degree of purification because we do not purify and concentrate the virus cultured in cells.”
“We did not obtain an electron micrograph showing the degree of purification.”
“[We show] an image of sedimented virus particles, not purified ones.”
So what is the PCR test testing for? Apparently, a random RNA sequence. (It cannot test for an actual virus, as it was not designed for that purpose.) The sequence could be from anything, since the virus is not purified. It could be an actual virus, or a wombat. The pandemic is a house of cards kept upright by media lies and meaningless test results.

But it doesn’t matter, and has not mattered from the beginning. Newspapers and broadcasts each day report the number of positive tests, and that is all the public is ever told. For that reason, I assert that there is no virus. If there was, they would purify it.

And further, the test is the virus.

*PCR = “polymerase chain reaction,” a machine and process for which Dr. Kary Mullis was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in chemistry. Dr. Mullis insisted throughout his shortened life that his machine should not be used to hunt viruses. If you see the letters “RT” before PCR, it means “reverse transcriptase,” a process by which RNA is converted to DNA before testing. The machine can only work with DNA.


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Coronavirus: That’s Lies (Ft Frank Corona & Peekay) (Coronavirus Song)

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Some of the content creators spawn by this psyop hoax have been outstanding. Case in point this video.


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Why we need old people

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Protect your seniors as the controllers want them flushed.

We need their experience and wisdom to save us from the nutwork.

Listen to the Lesley explain fear.


What is sickness?

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Satellite Barb with a good comment:

The truth, that every sickness is an individual damage within your body, that your body tries to fix which manifests itself in symptoms we call sickness. It is not transferable. There is no contagion. The same damage can happen to many people of course but it does not mean it transfers from one person to another. Everyone can break a leg. It does not mean you’re leg got broken because your neighbor broke his leg and infected you with it. If you avoid sun your skin will become sun-sensitive. If you them expose yourself to the sun you’ll get sunburn or may even get sunstroke with similar symptoms to that of a flu. But you won’t think of viruses or that your neighbor infected you with the sunburn, won’t you? You’ll think it is because of to much sun. In wintertime when you inner skin called mucous membrane gets sensitive because of all the central heating and dry air and you then expose yourself to the cold outdoor you’ll damage the inner skin in precisely the same way you do with your outer skin in the summer time. You’ll get almost the same symptoms. Then why in hell do you think it wasn’t you who damaged your mucous membrane but it was a virus and your neighbor who infected you with it? The same applies for any sickness and the majority of them today is caused by previous medication. It all starts the same way.

Comment on A Bill Gates Wet Dream by barbm124 pieceofmindful.com/2020/08/03/…

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FAC728-Benoit, Ab, Skylarkin

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Beirut, new voice Skylarkin.