What is sickness?

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Satellite Barb with a good comment:

The truth, that every sickness is an individual damage within your body, that your body tries to fix which manifests itself in symptoms we call sickness. It is not transferable. There is no contagion. The same damage can happen to many people of course but it does not mean it transfers from one person to another. Everyone can break a leg. It does not mean you’re leg got broken because your neighbor broke his leg and infected you with it. If you avoid sun your skin will become sun-sensitive. If you them expose yourself to the sun you’ll get sunburn or may even get sunstroke with similar symptoms to that of a flu. But you won’t think of viruses or that your neighbor infected you with the sunburn, won’t you? You’ll think it is because of to much sun. In wintertime when you inner skin called mucous membrane gets sensitive because of all the central heating and dry air and you then expose yourself to the cold outdoor you’ll damage the inner skin in precisely the same way you do with your outer skin in the summer time. You’ll get almost the same symptoms. Then why in hell do you think it wasn’t you who damaged your mucous membrane but it was a virus and your neighbor who infected you with it? The same applies for any sickness and the majority of them today is caused by previous medication. It all starts the same way.

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  1. barbm124

    thx ab for mentioning. As for “satellite-barb”, did you see the comet Neowise? Was it visible in Canada? I had a great look on it a few times. Also I haven’t seen the Starlink satellites from Elon Musk since Spring. Maybe it’s the time of the year.


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