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FAK238-Uncle Odd and TimTruth

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We hold our weekly call with guest TimTruth.


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CAUGHT! Brampton Ontario Mayor Patrick Brown Breaks His Own Pandemic Rules

likes this

One law for thee one law for me.

This is my town people. I’m sure it’s happening in your town too.

This politician is a snake – he was pysopped out of his job to make way for our current Premier.

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The camera planet 9/11 archives

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Markus mentioned this on a call with Chris I’m about to post.

We were told that cameraplanet.com paid liewitnesses of the 9/11 attacks for their “amateur” footage.

This way it could all be in one place to examine for evidence.

We were also told they have over 500 hours of video.

While the main site is dead, there is still a YouTube channel (it came after 2001.)

I don’t have time to add up all the inconsequential tiny clips, but it seems unlikely the total is anywhere near 500 hours.

Some of the videos are so trivial and inane are like the one below, that they have no views.

All these years later and no one has reviewed the archives to solve the biggest crime before covaids? Doesn’t anyone care?

Like most psyop “facts”, the total hours claim was most likely not checked. Even if they are disputed, no one follows the disputes. Even if they did, it’s whoever repeats the most and loudest that carries the day. That’s why lying works.

Here’s a silly video. What’s your favorite?

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Death by neglect in nursing homes?

like this

I think many of the nurses crying foul in the empty hospitals are crisis actors.

Is this lady a crisis actor lawyer? I’m not sure, but I do believe nasty neglect has always happened in nursing homes.

Is it worse now during covaids? Probably, since we are told we can’t visit. Anything can happen when watchful eyes are kept away.

Our own Tom D. says the DNRs are real.

This video was removed from feces book.

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Do not question. Do not think.

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Don’t Do Your Own Research!!! – #PropagandaWatch

2020-08-05 by corbett@corbettreport.com (The Corbett Report)

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Do your own research! Read it for yourself! It’s in the show notes! How many times have I uttered these words? These exhortations represent the founding ethos of The Corbett Report. I want you to read the source documents for yourself and come to your own conclusions. But guess what? The establishment doesn’t want you to think for yourself, and now that the Corona World Order is beginning the Great Reset, they are coming out and saying as much. Find out the details in this week’s edition of #PropagandaWatch.

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George Floyd: A Masonic ritual

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BLM is a controlled opposition movement.

Tim breaks it down.


2020-08-07 by Tim Ozman

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