FAK239-Markus Allen August Call

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Markus and I can talk for hours – there’s never a dull moment with one of the leading minds in truth research.

This Is Hideous, Horrific, And Happening – SOS Canadians and Americans

Dr. Scott Jensen

Nico Haupt 1969(ish)

skateaway dire straits hd 1080p

Jon Quick’s Puck! (Los Angeles Kings vs Calgary Flames 3/21/11)

Fakeologist Twitter account

Nuremberg Code

Application for Exemption From Social Security and Medicare Taxes and Waiver of Benefits

Click to access f4029.pdf

Breakup of the family

Markus Allen on the breakup of the family

Original 0;It’s Just A Mask”

Original “It’s Just A Mask”

Heated Vaccine Debate – Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz

Public Health Advisor (Quarantine Program)

Onyx Inc. – Covid-19 Pandemic Response

FART podcast

Rebel News

Elyse Cane

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1 thought on “FAK239-Markus Allen August Call

  1. Gabriel

    Tim, Markus,

    This video of Buzz Aldrin has him saying that we did not see the moon landing on TV, www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y30VA…. He says what we saw was an animation. This is news to me. I have always believed what we saw recorded was what people saw on TV and was the live broadcast,


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