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Beirut was no ANFO bomb

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Strategic relocation and controlled demolition.

This was Beirut’s 9/11 – and they’ll get a new, foreign owned port out of it.

Your donations will help pay for all the relocations of the people living in and around the demo area that were probably moved out days or weeks before.

I am not a demolitions expert. I don’t know much about fertilizer. But I know when I smell bullshit coming from the American media. Funny how they try to sell us the plausibility of an explosion like Beirut’s from just ammonium nitrate.

Source: Death By Miracle-Gro? – Piece of Mindful

Read between the lines

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The dissident novelist Zdenek Urbánek told me, “In one respect, we are more fortunate than you in the west. We believe nothing of what we read in the newspapers and watch on television, nothing of the official truth. Unlike you, we have learned to read between the lines, because real truth is always subversive.”

Source: The Real First Casualty Of War By John Pilger

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People get sick for one reason and one reason only: toxins, which act as poisons, within the body. There are only three possible ways for toxins to be outside or inside of the body: 1.) Manmade non-organic toxins such as heavy metals, plastics, chemicals, preservatives, alcohol, smoke and fumes within the lungs, artificial preservatives, colorings and dyes within the body or on the skin. 2.) Natural organic biological invaders such as bacteria, fungus, molds and parasites, which can invade the skin and the


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How they will get (the chip) under your skin

likes this

Good podcast featuring Alan Watt. near the end.

Transhumanism and You

2020-08-10 by corbett@corbettreport.com (The Corbett Report)

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It promises a fantastic future in which humans overcome disease, aging, and even death. It just requires us to take the final step and merge fully with machines. But it’s secret past in crypto-eugenics reveals a darker future, one in which a GenRich elite rule over the GenPoor masses. Are you ready to give up your humanity?

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