Beirut was no ANFO bomb

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Strategic relocation and controlled .

This was Beirut’s – and they’ll get a new, foreign owned port out of it.

Your donations will help pay for all the relocations of the people living in and around the demo area that were probably moved out days or weeks before.

I am not a demolitions expert. I don’t know much about fertilizer. But I know when I smell bullshit coming from the American media. Funny how they try to sell us the plausibility of an like Beirut’s from just ammonium nitrate.

Source: Death By Miracle-Gro? – Piece of Mindful

2 thoughts on “Beirut was no ANFO bomb

  1. ricky

    On the latest “fart” podcast Frank did a great job detailing why the Beirut explosion couldn’t have happened as advertised. He’s been stellar on these calls lately.


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