Street theater or part of the Melbourne crack down?

likes this

Update: this is Australlywood!

Thanks to Mrs Fakeologist and Xilefelix

Melbourne is under full medical martial law.

This extended video of a questioned short version I earlier posted seems real – let’s see if we can get this woman interviewed.

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1 thought on “Street theater or part of the Melbourne crack down?

  1. dirtybenny

    I always shake my head when I hear the Gates line, “shoot it right into the vein”. Medical and nursing students all know that vaccines are NOT administered into veins but are intramuscular. The Gates character is likely generating a script from the AI, perhaps to foment fear in the listener. No one with even a basic knowledge of vaccines would refer to venous administration.

    It should also be noted that vaccines can be and are administered nasally.…

    One must wonder whether these “tests” with their long nasal swabs that approach the cribriform plate are actually “tests”, or the “vaccine” itself.

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