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Herd immunity is a myth

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Herd immunity is an important part of the vaccine hoax. It’s a social proof trick to demonize “free riders” who choose not to join the groupthink. The official explanation of how or why it works always circles back to vaccination.

Herd immunity is vulnerable to the free rider problem.[46] Individuals who lack immunity, particularly those who choose not to vaccinate, free ride off the herd immunity created by those who are immune.[46] As the number of free riders in a population increases, outbreaks of preventable diseases become more common and more severe due to loss of herd immunity.[10][11][12][43][45] Individuals may choose to free ride for a variety of reasons, including the perceived ineffectiveness of a vaccine,[47] believing

Source: Herd immunity – Wikipedia

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Scenes from the front lines.

Part of the psyop is to keep children out of school and redefine education.

This of course will lead to surrender to the technocrats’ plan. Not sure what it is yet. We are only getting clues.

Same applies for hospitals. The old way of accessing health care may be over.

Both were too big and too expensive, perhaps ready to implode.

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FAC731-John le Bon

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JLB doubles down on making fakeologist.com/radio a pay site.

Let’s keep this an accessible, value for value donation system by proving it here.

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