2 thoughts on “Covid Camps

  1. Gabriel

    This is all disgusting. Seems to me the best option is to avoid getting tested in the first place. From what I see there is no virus. However, a test can be rigged or have false positives or may find anti-bodies from a prior vaccine or flu from the past. Avoid the test as best you can. Go outside and get sunshine and exercise and stay healthy to stay away from hospitals.

  2. dirtybenny

    If there is any hope in this medical technocratic fascist tyranny that is unrolling, it is their sense of desperation to have humans mask up , take the test, and take the vax. If they were in control of the outcome, they would not be doing Yale’s study with how to best mind control people to take the vax using more trickery.


    The controllers seem extremely desperate, alternating their “get along” “do the right thing” soft glove slogans with threatening brutal force, monetary fines, and detention. For some reason, they NEED us to conform and comply. So it is clear that the best choice is not to do so.


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