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Aug.9, 2020 0;Cutting Through the Matrix” with Alan Watt (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk): “Something Wicked: Signs, Symptoms of Wickedness, Evil Approaches, Disguised in Benevolence, Exuding Dark Forces.” *Title and Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Aug.9, 2020 (Exempting and Literary Quotes)

2020-08-09 by Alan Watt ( & )

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–{ “Something Wicked: Signs, Symptoms of Wickedness, Evil Approaches, Disguised in Benevolence, Exuding Dark Forces.” © Alan Watt }–
The Richest People on the Planet and Corporations Funding a Communist Revolution Inside America and Across the World – This is a Bolshevik
Revolution – Trotsky Caught in Nova Scotia, Canada with Suitcases of American Cash – Marxism is to Completely Overthrow the System –
Communism is Run by the Elite and the Elite Run Both Sides – UNESCO Set Up by Julian Huxley, a Member of the British Aristocracy, Darwinism,
Eugenics – Gods the World – Royal Society, an Occultic Organization; The Beehive Symbolizes Perfect Society; Unabomber; Making
Scientists into Stars; ; Attacks on Catholic Countries – City of London, Karl Marx – Communism Eradicates the Brighter Folk –
Sheepdogs; Sheep Take the Path of Least Resistance – U.N., Greatest Threat to World Peace is an Individual; It’s Dangerous to Know Things
and to Be a Loner – Milner – Fascism, Governments Work with Corporations, Tighter than a Family – Intelligence Agencies – U.S. Scientists and
Engineers Helped Soviet Russia Build its Infrastructure – Free Trade – The Agenda Worked Intergenerationally, a Super Civil Service;
Bubbles, Inner Circles and Outer Circles – Rockefeller, Standardization of All Resources; Monopoly Men – Carroll Quigley – British Mini-
Series, The Last Enemy and Edge of Darkness (six-part series) – Revolutionaries are Used – Top Corporations Funding BLM – Famine,
Post-Consumerism – Maurice Strong, Reducing Energy; Rio Conference, Agenda 21 – Francis Bacon, The New Atlantis – Movie, The Mouse on the
Moon – UK Department Of Defence Document, DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036; City-States Rising Like a Phoenix – General
Flynn, This Is My Letter to America – U.S. Republic was Based on Roman Senate System; Corruption, Caligula -World Economic Forum, Great
Global Reset, A Whole New System to Be Introduced – Portland is Still Burning – Please Visit… to DONATE and
ORDER – Tower of Babel – PNAC List of Countries to Take Out; General Wesley Clark – Confessions of an Economic Hitman – Charles Galton
Darwin, Slavery – Trump, Troops Used to Deliver Vaccines – Domestication of Animals – Ridiculous Forbes Articles, Don’t Think for Yourselves –
Founding of America, Stay Out of Foreign Entanglements – Massive in Beirut, Up to 300,000 Left Homeless – Coronavirus Restrictions
Killing 10,000 Children per Month and ‘Wasting’ and ‘Stunting’ Millions More – Farmageddon Continues As Bankruptcies Rise – England to
Revise DOWN its Covid-19 Death Toll after Bizarre ‘Counting Mishap’ – CDC Director Acknowledges Hospitals have a Monetary Incentive to
Overcount Coronavirus Deaths – Money Getting Thrown All Over the Place; Halliburton Overbilling U.S. Government – Yale Study on Vaccine
Messaging, Using Fear and Shaming Persuasive Techniques – Australia, New COVID-19 Restrictions will Be Needed for Anti-Vaxxers – ‘Shock and
Awe’: Victoria Declares State of Disaster, Six-week Melbourne, Australia Curfew and Stage Four Restrictions – Tyranny – Sweet Innocent
Dr. Fauci had an Assistant Doctor, Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Fired and Jailed in 2011 for Warning that Vaccines were Giving Americans Known
Chronic Diseases – In New Interview Bobby Kennedy Jr. Claims Dr. Fauci will Make Millions on Coronavirus Vaccine and Owns Half the Patent –
President Trump, Executive Order 13887 of September 19, 2019, Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National
Security and Public Health – Michelle : Coronavirus an Opportunity to Change ‘How Wealth Is Distributed’ – WEF – New York City Mayor
Bill de Blasio Announced NYC COVID Checkpoints: Cops Stationed at Tunnels and Bridges to Question Travelers from 35 COVID-19 Hotspot States
and Order Them to Quarantine for 14 days – Britain’s Socialized Housing; Movie, Fahrenheit 451 – Compliance – Britain’s Councils can
BULLDOZE Contaminated Homes and Crush Cars as a Last Resort Under New Laws to Stop Second Wave of Coronavirus; Public Health (Control of
Disease Act) 1984 – Establishment Media (Washington Post) Reaches New Low with Glowing Article About Growing Faith in Communism –
2007 Article, Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t – United States Should Shut Down Completely for Another Four to Six Weeks
to Save the Economy, Senior Federal Reserve Official says – Please Remember to Donate to Keep These Talks Coming – The Only Thing You Can
Control is Yourself – Georgia Guidestones; Jacques Costeau – Happiness Comes From Inside Yourself – Northern Ireland Children’s
Commissioner Calls for Abortion to Be Promoted to Young Girls in Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) Lessons – Bill Gates, Reminds
Me of the Smell of Spring Septic Tanks – Bill Gates Reimagining New York’s Education; Cuomo is a Socialist-Communist – Bill Gates Funded
Common Core – UNESCO to Create a Common, Indoctrinated Culture Across the Planet – NHS Decommissioned Nightingale Hospitals – Keep in
Touch – You are Your Own Champions – We’re Either Free or We’re Not Free – Everything is Legalities – Informed Consent – Everyone Gets
Used; You’re Given Your Leaders – Bioethics – Euthanasia – – Follow the Stars or Look Way Beyond Them into Deep Space –
There are Big Forces at Work, Supernatural.
*Title and Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – Aug.9, 2020 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

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