Goals of the NWO military medical coup

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This isn’t about masks. It isn’t about vaccines. These are the tools to get to the endgame.

The endgame is a central, worldwide government.

It’s been the endgame since the beginning of time.

Technology may have finally made that possible so no shots (besides Covid) need be taken.

This is a hearts and minds war.

Goal: undermine citizens belief in their governments. They will ask for technocratic control of their money and economies.

Goal: undermine citizens confidence in their local police by asking them to enforce ridiculous rules. They will then demand a UN style foreign force.

Goal: make education impossible with anti human distancing rules. Parents will demand a new, technology based remote learning centralised program that will replace schools, relieving countries of one of their biggest budgets, education. Teachers and their unions will be gutted and rendered powerless.

Goal: make existing health care services impossible. It’s the biggest and fastest growing expense in the aging West. Citizens will again demand remote technology to half the number of doctors and pill pushers needed. The extra friction in getting care will drive elderly to an earlier grave as they avoid or cannot navigate the new technocratic system.

Goal: demoralize citizenry by removing all pleasurable activities, such as dining out and . Bread and circuses will be rationed to only those that comply, while the rest will have to sit by and download more propaganda until they relent. This will help usher in the social credit system.

The fear of Covid and its infinite replacements is the never ending tool.

It will only be neutralized by those that learn that Youcantcatchavirus.com, and that exosomes are actually a sign that our bodies are functioning as God/nature intended.

Until then, the military plan will march on.

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1 thought on “Goals of the NWO military medical coup

  1. xileffilex

    David Icke is strong on there being no pandemic virus, and pulls apart peer reviewed papers on Covid – [peer reviewed doesn’t mean shit because they’re all pissing into the same pond]

    esp. the first 18 mins.

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