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David Crowe’s last podcast

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David didn’t sound too well on his final podcast. RIP.

Coronavirushoax sure could have used his dissenting voice.

The Infectious Myth – Third cancer update from David

2020-07-07 by Progressive Radio Network

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David reports on the last two weeks of his cancer experiences. He is very tired but still hopefully he was start to turn around.

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Coronavirus Testing: What are we doing? What does it mean?

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This is a bit mainstream opposition, but still worth a look.


In 1965, scientists identified the first human coronavirus; it was associated with the common cold. The Coronavirus family, named for their crown-like appearance, currently includes 36 viruses. Within that group, there are 4 common viruses that have been causing infection in humans for more than sixty years. In addition, three pandemic coronaviruses that can infect humans: SARS, MERS, and now, SARS-CoV-2.


There are no safe vaccines. Here’s a sad vax damage story.

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Big Fart with Ab, Exoterick, Geris, Goldenskidmark, JLB, Rollo, Anounceofsalt, DaveJ, Yossarian

Everything Coronavirushoax, including the death of David Crowe.

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Tim on 3/11 and 9/11

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Great opening monologue, 9/11 @40 min. 88 drills on 9/11.

Active sneezer drills replace active shooter drills.

Amazing psy war point at 2:40:00.

8 – 14 – 2020 , KAEPERNICK’S PROTEST ENTERS YR 4, OPEN PHONES, LIVE Infinite Plane Radio 24 – 7

2020-08-14 by Tim Ozman

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