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  1. dirtybenny

    For anyone who doubts that the Beatles did not write their songs and that they were a psychological operation on humanity, give a listen to Mike Williams 4.5 hour presentation. It is revealing from a Fakeology perspective as to how to deconstruct an operation.

    As a musician, it never made any sense to me that a band could go from playing Chuck Berry and Little RIchard 3 chord covers to “I Am the Walrus” and “For the Benefit of Mr. Kite.” They also notably did not tour after Sgt. Pepper. I also find it revealing that some of the most eligible, desirable “men” in the world chose “wives” that were androgynous to say the least, Yoko Ono, Linda Eastman, etc.

    Music is a form of magic, in that it hijacks your emotions to subconsciously tie you in to a paradigm, similar to television programs and motion pictures. I do not love my kidnapper and will not listen to music, attributed to the Beatles or other entities, that was explicitly designed to infiltrate and corrupt my essence. And that, I could more accurately refer to as….. a virus.

  2. dante

    listening to this now…

    don’t pay parking tickets in NYC? your car will eventually be towed if found on any street where the minions scan plates. period.

    don’t address traffic violations in suburban counties? there very well may be a warrant for your arrest -sooner than later.

    both have happened to me.

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