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Is Trump on our side?

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It seems like he’s against the technocrats, but coronavirushoax has them all check mated.
It’s impossible to tell.

This fall will be the most exciting fall ever.

Hard to believe this was January 2020- he couldn’t have given a more anti technocratic speech.

Start at 24:00


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Victoria is signed up to the China Belt and Road

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At the 40 min mark, Adam surmises that China’s economic influence explains why NYC, Hellywood and Victoria are all going first on the conversion to a Chinese style technocracy.

China’s Belt and Road

1269: “pre-bunked”

2020-08-16 by Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

Web player: podcastaddict.com/episode/1111…
Episode: mp3s.nashownotes.com/NA-1269-2…

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Piggybacking birth control onto vaccine

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It’s real, it will happen with Covid19 et al vaccinations.

In 1993, WHO announced a “birth-control vaccine” for “family planning”. Published research shows that by 1976 WHO researchers had conjugated tetanus toxoid (TT) with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) producing a “birth-control” vaccine. Conjugating TT with hCG causes pregnancy hormones to be attacked by the immune system. Expected results are abortions in females already pregnant and/or infertility in recipients not yet impregnated. Repeated inoculations prolong infertility.


Via Amazing Polly

Peggy Hall on same topic

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The COVID19 spinning wheel

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The World Economic Forum and Dr. Evil have been working on this great reset for at least 50 years.

You’re about to get a taste of it as the years crawl by.

h/t Uncle Odd and Xilefelix

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FAK240-Uncle Odd with DOC TV

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Todd and I wander off the fakeologist platform for the first hour and talk with a former prisoner of the state of Florida. Towards the end we talk to Josh about fakeology.

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