FAK240-Uncle Odd with DOC TV

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Todd and I wander off the fakeologist platform for the first hour and talk with a former prisoner of the state of Florida. Towards the end we talk to Josh about fakeology.

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1 thought on “FAK240-Uncle Odd with DOC TV

  1. xileffilex

    Great chat with Josh and Odd – I was riveted until the end.
    Yes the World Economic Forum site is mind-blowing.
    What is apparent is how important Covid-19 is to the WEF – how it is being worked into so many interconnections on the wheel. You don’t do that with a here-today-gone-tomorrow illness, whatever the death rate, real or simulated is. Covid is not an illlness, it’s a state of mind, an abstract conceptual driver.
    Good comments on the New York example.
    We really can’t trust ANY government-controlled death statistics from ANYWHERE in the world. They can all be simulated with a stroke on the keyboard, daily, weekly, monthly, to produce all those spikes and curves. It’s so much easier than with baby psy-ops: you don’t need any names, just scale it up and there’s no proof of any EXCESS death. There’s no proof even that people were dying in care homes in greater numbers, other than government controlled figures.

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