Joe Theissman, Alex Smith broken leg hoax 33 years apart

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These two staged events are beyond the normal scripting that is entertainment fixing. They are archetype casting, a way of messaging story to non religious people.

If you think all these parallels are simple coincidence, then you need to take a course in probability and learn the infinite nature of the odds that this could happen if it wasn’t written out to the yard line.

The obvious 33 hoax code is first and foremost the main clue.

Joe Theismann – Nov. 18, 1985 Alex Smith – Nov. 18, 2018 -Theismann was at the game when Smith broke his leg -Both QB’s were playing for the Redskins when their legs were broken -Both QB’s broke their right tibia and fibula -Both breaks happened in Washington -Both games ended in the same score, 23-21 -Both injuries happened near the 40 yard line -Lawrence Taylor and JJ Watt are the only two people to win defensive player of the year three times, Taylor tackled Theismann and Watt tackled Smith -Theismann’s Pro Bowl left tackle, Joe Jacoby wasn’t on the field due to injury -Smith’s Pro Bowl left tackle, Trent Williams, wasn’t on the field due to injury Less of a coincidence but still interesting: -Both quarterbacks were playing against red, white and blue jerseys.


Zach discusses the numerology but he completely misses the meta story, which is more proof that I think he is just there to obscure with Gematria. This phenomenon is called blackwashing.

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