2 thoughts on “PSA 06 – TheBigVirusHoax.com Zoom Meeting – Fakeotube

  1. xileffilex

    From a Birmingham University immunologist writing today in The Guardian [no, I don’t read it, but followed a tweet] on Covid-19

    This coronavirus grows so easily in the lab that scientists are progressing fast to understand its biology and develop new antiviral therapies.


    Same old rubbish going back to the CDC, May 5

    As months went by, some patients that cleared the virus started to report lingering symptoms. From brain fog to debilitating fatigue, heart damage to persistent muscle and joint pains, we recognise that some of us risk having “long Covid”, with a profound potential impact for our health and public health services. Protective immunity is critical to prevent disease.

    Let;s all get vaccinated to prevent brain fog [although that symptom seems to have swept through the mask wearing population]

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