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Vaccine class

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Bill Pharma doing an end run around parents via teachers to get your children’s hearts and minds into the jab.

Love this pretty woman from BC.


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Big Show with Ab, Geris, Exoterick, Goldenskidmark, Rollo, Anounceofsalt, Skylarkin’, Ziggy, Topnotchenergies, Velocet

NB. We try and provide a bonus for those that listen all the way through.

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Masks are for vaccine advertising and nothing more

likes this

If Youcantcatchavirus.com and viri can’t be spread, then why are they insisting you wear a mask?

Without masks,you’d see no evidence that anything was happening. No sign of an epidemic. No sign of illness.

Certainly no need to think of the false cure that vaccines are.

Masks are part of the biggest psyop and marketing campaign of all time.

If you wear one, are they paying you for the advertising space?

Here’s a pre covaids story that proves masks (and vaxxes) make no sense – for nurses in hospitals!

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