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  1. dirtybenny

    The gesticulations of the Gates character are significant. It is similar to all of the sign language puppets gesticulating next to the governors and mayors. Most people who are hard of hearing do not understand sign language. I postulate that they are casting spells or doing some type of subconscious communication. A large portion of our communication is nonverbal.

    1. xileffilex

      The language signers are clearly some piece of behavioural programming. Does it make the 99.99 per cent of people watching who don’t understand sign language [including many deaf people as Benny notes] more susceptible to the message, or perhaps makes it sound more authoritative? Or is it to distract the attention of the sighted [lol!] viewers from the insincere facial expressions of the venal politicians and scientists delivering the scaremongering message?
      I can’t decide.

      JLB did ask the question but I don’t think anything came out of it, I don’t think he proffered an opinion himself.

      1. dirtybenny

        I remember this Mandela sign language dibaucle that SNL and other comedy outlets tried to muddy the waters with. So the alleged medicated schizophrenic “signer” that supposedly was never vetted by the Secret Service was standing on stage next to Obama and other government leaders. He then admits that during the ceremony, he was hearing voices in his head, hallucinating, and seeing angels coming in to the stadium. He could not repeat the act of signing during the interview afterwards. Methinks it was a reveal of the method.

        The signers follow the mayors and governors around in person as well as on screen. This is one of many examples. Portland, OR Mayor Ted Wheeler meeting with the peaceful protesters.

        1. dirtybenny

          Potential linking evidence of androgyny, sign language, and violent behaviour. The photo of this “woman” must be seen to be believed. Comprehensive inversion on display.


          Shortly before her riot arrest in June, she was the sign language translator for a Portland NAACP event featuring Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, and city council woman Jo Ann Hardesty.

    2. gaia

      I have noticed these sign language signalers too.

      1 – news outlets around the world did this already before the war
      2 – it gives a sense of “more inclusion”, one of the mainstream agendas
      3 – as an offshoot, it gives a sense of “seriousness”/authority
      4 – it may be a future psyop, to increase the global communication now people become incomprehensible behind their fakemasks during this masquerade (I sometimes ask them to remove the mask in order to understand them properly)

      But for those really wanting to be prepared for what is to come for us, the jabs they are programming us with (“Shoot, shoot, shoot”, anyone?), you can help answering important questions and weaponize ourselves with proper answers:


      h/t TheRealVessel for bringing these questions to our attention

      And for those who haven’t watched it yet, ODD’s video about “Corona” and what viruses actually are and what the word means, this video is the best I have seen about it. It also explains the “flu” seasons, I have not seen any other attempt like that in the past

      1. xileffilex

        I agree – that’s a great summary. I pinned an earlier version from Spacebusters on the old forum.

        But, hey, deadly viruses exist….there’s a REUTERS DEBUNK of virus denial here …. don’t fall over laughing

        Evidence – a photo of what look like potatoes and “trust us” . The fact checker is one Lynda Coughlan an “Irish Virologist” at Mount Sinai NY [check!]
        Check her twitter header – “I am a scientist B:LACK LIVES MATTER” nuff said.

      2. xileffilex

        UK Column has also asked about the bizarre and increasingly prominent use of these often overweight deaf signers at every Covid press conference. Again there’s no definite answer, but it’s seen as disruptive – especially when there’s absolutely no reason for it with modern automatic translations as subscripts.
        from 48m 30s

        1. dirtybenny

          Great catch….

          It is not disruptive or distracting as Patrick attempts to program you to think. It is purposeful and necessary.

          These entities communicate and spell in symbol and gesture. The distraction is the spoken word.

  2. xileffilex

    Since the Covid-19 pandemic is a scam, then the contect of the specific “covid 19 vaccine” is irrelevant. It could be a saline solution injection which has to be submitted to, for whatever reason suggested in the above video.

    In addition to the usual junk in the normal “flu vaccine”

    these will be the alleged ingredients of the 2020-2021 N. Hemisphere “flu vaccine”
    this is the first season there has been a distinction between egg and cell [aborted foetus?] or recombinant based vaccines.

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