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Your NWO super store

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The Walmart story is a classic rags to riches story.

Like most stories with happy endings, it’s probably fiction.

Clearly Walmart was positioned for the coronavirushoax, and the times beyond.

Here’s an old Red Pilled classic to explain.

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Bill Gates: the problem is freedom

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Top vax spokeshole Bill Gates lets another truth out. They really need a more professional liar.

Start at 14:50

After that, “Dr.” Who (Tedros) tells us that even with the phony vaccine we will not go back to normal due to climate change.

1271: “3 Screws”

2020-08-23 by Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

Web player: podcastaddict.com/episode/1114…
Episode: mp3s.nashownotes.com/NA-1271-2…

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