9 thoughts on “Do any of you remember treating “Angel”

  1. xileffilex

    Priceless. There was a great DIF thread [all lost now on the old forums] on this wake-up event, naming all the venal doctors we see including the amusingly named and bespectacled Dr Lube, [the one to the right of Angel cleanhands] They were ALL real MDs, although the usual suspects came out to say they weren’t.

    [Who’s the video maker?]

    1. xileffilex

      OK, just found it, TMZ Bitchute, [YT channel put on ice because of strike] based on the original Paulstal Service upload. Paulstal did a fabulous slow-mo upload zooming in on the uncomfortable expressions of the MDs with hypnotic music.

  2. ricky

    “Vespadouglas”” comment made me reflect on a doctor appointment I had yesterday, pre-op consultation for a hip replacement, blood work etc. I haven’t seen my doctor since these bullshit protocols were created. I’ve always thought he was thoroughly indoctrinated in the system as he always raised an eyebrow when I rejected his vaccinations over the years, (“crazy conspiracy theorist!”) LOL! The body language he displayed and attitude towards the “new normal” hoops he was required to jump through were breaking his normal demeanor down. He was embarrassed by wearing the mask and didn’t want to make eye contact. Forced compliance and chronic lying begins to take a toll on good people, that’s something that gives me a glimmer of hope, not much, but better than nothing.

    1. dirtybenny

      Hiding of the face is a sign of shame and guilt as we see in the current CV mask ritual. Averting the gaze is a sign of the Ostrich effect (avoiding uncomfortable information) or lying. Great video.

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