Rockefeller and the Queen use homeopaths

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Why do the elite shun allopathic medicine, even if they own and promote the business?

The answer is it because doesn’t work.

A fascinating video with the Bigelsen boys-don’t call it alternative medicine.

I’ll watch anything that promotes the terrain theory. Vaccines and Bill Gates can have nothing to do with it.

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2 thoughts on “Rockefeller and the Queen use homeopaths

  1. Unreal

    The Bigelsen boys might have an important message, but they sure do not come across as trustworthy with their story about their father’s achievements.

    Dupers delight abound in their Big-el-son story with their father being a young Jewish genius accused of fraud by the goyem at age 7 while aspiring to cure cancer*… Sure.

    Being a war-doctor in Vietnam further pushes incredulity as the “Nam” war narrative is much more fiction and deception than anything else. Does a doctor with 98% survival rate from Vietnam sound credible to any awake Fakeologist ?

    Maybe i should have listened until the end here – but lying and deceiving the public from the get-go really makes paying further attention hard. Starting out with blatant lies very seldom leads anywhere proper.

    Maybe the lesson in such medical material as the above is that medicine is a huge domain where laymen are hugely disadvantaged in finding legitimate information. I for one sure do not want to rely on any revolutionary method, diet or patrician in order to find what nature offer us for free: good health.

    Just like there are a multitude of diets that results in good health, so are there multiple methods to successfully cure dis-ease. Most health “experts” just try sell some limited version of health, hoping selfishly to earn above average wages*.

    *cancer is a huge scam where doctors earn big money for making no medical progress – a big fraudulent business like many others

    * and to be popular ( as seems the case for the Big El Son boyz )

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