1 thought on “Vaccination Indoctrination Nation

  1. xileffilex

    Here comes the WEF, giving a platform to PR man Richard “9/11 Museum board member” Edelman –
    Businesses have a role to play in building vaccine trust. Here’s why

    or, to put it another way, no vax = cheerio.

    As business leaders, we are acutely aware of what is on the line for our companies as we start on the long path to pandemic recovery ***. But if we fail to accelerate and support efforts toward population immunity, the economic consequences will dwarf what we’ve seen so far. ****

    In the coming months, the World Economic Forum will partner with its member companies to support private sector employers in their efforts to help build confidence in and understanding of vaccines. By facilitating employer access to credible and appropriate information and tools, we can collectively support these trusted stakeholders in their efforts to inform employees and improve confidence.

    *** aka The Great Reset
    **** the workforce dropping like flies in front of their screens

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