CDC admits Covid is fake

likes this

Uncle Odd mentioned this on our last show.
Will anyone in the media broadcast this – will the masses hear this?
Unlikely – it will be ignored and ghosted.
It’s more telling the truth on the back page.
Miles Mathis noticed.
cdc covid fake logic

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1 thought on “CDC admits Covid is fake

  1. Unreal

    Important fact-checking of the death rates from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). These numbers are significant in demonstrating how the Covid Pandemic is exaggerated. However, i do have problems with calling Covid “Fake”.

    Whatever our opinion of the Covid-19 pandemic might be, insisting on calling Covid “Fake” seems be a misuse of language. Covid-19 is now as much a legal and cultural framework as it is a disease, and Corona equally a known family of viruses in allopathic medicine that causes common cold symptoms.

    The public discussion on Covid is voluntarily polarised with demonstrators more often than not coming across as extreme which clearly is by design. Branding slogans like “fake news” really plays into the Elites hands who like nothing better than debating empty, misrepresented concepts (this is harmless).

    Documenting statistical fraud and exaggeration in official Covid death figures should be a significant topic for debate – also in the general public. But presenting this issue* as “The CDC all but admits Covid is Fake” is a very ill chosen angle of presentation. Normally a genius (MM) would be well aware of as much.

    * funnily coincidental there would be 11.000 “real cases”

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