Start your own common law assembly: coronavirushoax solution

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Here We Stand, August 30, 2020

2020-08-30 by congregationalcovenant@gmail.c… (Rev. Kevin D. Annett)

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Here We Stand with Rev. Kevin Annett and guests Deborah Golding, John and Fiona

Topic: Taking Back our Power: Three Common Law Assembly members discuss how and why they banned the COVID tyranny

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2 thoughts on “Start your own common law assembly: coronavirushoax solution

  1. dirtybenny

    KA has a checkered complicated past at best and I jumped off his boat years ago. Moreover, I am always astounded at those thinking that the deceptive manipulative wordlwide web that we are entangled in would allow a remedy such as common law, sovereign citizen, etc. Those who have attempted it spend an inordinate amount of personal time and effort committed to battling the beast. I surmise that is the purpose of placing those concepts on the table..

    Countries as independent entities are a false concept. If the worldwide acceptance of the moon hoax and 9/11 was insufficient evidence for doubters, certainly COVID-AI has undeniably dropped the veil.

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