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FAK242-Amandha Vollmer and Uncle Odd

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Yummy mummy tonight!

Amandha Vollmer joins Odd and Ab.

Streaming live on fake11.com/stream1
Call in at fakeologist.com/contact for numbers!

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Please don’t go

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None of the coronavirushoax would be possible without the masses blind belief in Media.

Here’s a great piece showing the dangers endlessly following the bouncing ball.

H/t Prescient

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Agitprop Australia

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Update 9/4

Update 9/3: are they recycling this old crisis actor?

The latest tactic by the propagandists is simulated arrests and harassment in Australia.

I won’t save this staged event to fakeotube.com because it’s better it goes away.

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It was, is, and never will be about getting sick

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Covid never had anything to with a contagious virus. They only exist in movies.

This is all about the great reset, a technocratic coup to end free enterprise and democracy as we know it.

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