FAK242-Amandha Vollmer and Uncle Odd

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Yummy mummy tonight!

Amandha Vollmer joins Odd and Ab.

Streaming live on fake11.com/stream1
Call in at fakeologist.com/contact for !

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11 thoughts on “FAK242-Amandha Vollmer and Uncle Odd

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    everything is fun nowadays ,that amanda lady very informative and fun .plus she sounds like sigourney weaver and in the current climate talking about aliens and cells and psiency stuff was good .not sure about the entire cycle of cellular transition but im on board with concept. also in the time of not touching shit or else we have a professional toucher ,the truck guy ,
    they totally reversed illness decay bacteria , it seems weve been left with the two mindsets fighting over how to assimilate fakeologist …………………..

  2. Vespadouglas

    This Herose charactor is an odd one indeed. He must have heard that “rant” many times before yet he emits this fake laughter right through his clip. Sorry AB if you consider this sniping, but anyone who cant see that this guy is an actor on script playing a part is a fucking idiot. A youtube/MSM celeb pushing the bible and gatekeeping common law should be left to Frank. He’good at it. Yours In Doubt vd

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