1 thought on “Uncle Odd pushing water uphill

  1. xileffilex

    Dave Cullen make a good fist of understanding why every government leader and his or her close coterie of influencers are wrecking the lives of all their voters [and those who realise voting is a waste of time]
    He thinks they themselves have all been scared shitless that this is the end of the world and this shutdown via the phoney pandemic is the last chance they [we] have to save the planet.
    It was a good question to address. From 1:08:00

    He doesn’t talk much about what the IMF want, but everything is interconnected, as in the WEF wheel.

    If you scroll back on the YouTube chat above, at 53:15, Dave brings up a veeeery interesting article dated March 19 2020 from Politico, written by a US academic. The fake pandemic is only a week or so old and this writer, who hasn’t just knocked this up one evening, seems to know the full script already. Fascinating.

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