The movement is infiltrated, as usual

like this

David Icke and Vernon Coleman are controlled opposition, says Miles.

We’re not facing fascism or totalitarianism, we’re soaking in it.

The Matrix isn’t in the future. Totalitarianism isn’t in the future or in some other country. It is where
we have all been living for centuries. There is no coming apocalypse, no end times, nothing worse to
fear in the future. This is it. You have been living in a tiny cage your entire life, and you have been
taught to be your own jailor. This is why you will go to a protest, and even there you will watch these
people control you, without doing anything about it. Even at a protest, you are a passive observer.

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4 thoughts on “The movement is infiltrated, as usual

  1. xileffilex

    OK got it, everybody everywhere who has ever made an anti-globalist anti-Covid post or video is controlled opposition. [me included of course] And I’d put “Miles Staycer Mathis” right at the top of the list.

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