2 thoughts on “Mystery seed psyop

  1. gaia

    The agenda by the satanists is to rid the world of everything that is divine, natural. It is a War on Gaia.

    Bezos is building his own “vault of history”, together with the seed vault in Svalbard.

    Everyday it is more important to secure the non-GMO seeds. Especially for those planning to go live off the grid.

    It is war and it is up to us to resist the tyranny laid out for us.

    Alex Jones is former “controlled opposition”. He was signalling, just like Eric “George Orwell” Blair, Michael “State of Fear” Crichton and so many others.

  2. Unreal

    It is not the food supply, seeds, money, energy or weapons that control the world & world population.

    PsyOps* rule the world.

    * psychological operations and propaganda instill false beliefs and paradigms in the population who behave accordingly. We are victims of it, like it or not.

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