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Formaldeyde=Ebola-like Symptoms

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Chemical poisoning in water is likely the number one culprit in simulating epidemics.

I would not be surprised if all epidemiologists are born and raised by the chemical corporations of the world.

A man in Schieffelin, a community located in Margibi County on the Robertsfield Highway, has been arrested for attempting to put formaldehyde into a well used by the community.


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How do we get to America 2050?

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The Covaids revolution is a medical military coup. It’s facilitating the biggest change in geopolitics and human organization ever.

How else are we going to dissolve nations in favour of city states and mega-regions?

America 2050

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Markus Allen’s banned flight 175 9/11 video

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9/11 is now a small footnote in history. Most are too masked up to even think about it.

Here’s an old viral video, back when viral meant something.

Now on Fakeotube.com

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Argentine agitprop

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Probably not a real person, but amusing how the controllers bring in Zoom and professors and students to a story, at the beginning of the dystopian school season, and weave this tall tale.

Grief over the death of a UADE professor: she had coronavirus and became unbalanced in the middle of a virtual class


Note the one eye occult symbolism in the story.

Good luck finding the “student’s” zoom recording.

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The Spanish Flu was not contagious

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Despite all types of methods, they couldn’t get it to spread from sick to healthy.

Even in 1919 youcantcatchavirus.com. You still can’t catch something you have within you to help repair your terrain.

Clearly, those that were sick were all reacting in sympathy to unique environmental traumas to their system – like chemical poisoning or nutritional deficiencies.

This article, Spread of the Spanish Flu Was Never Experimentally Confirmed, has details and evidence that I was searching for. It is written by Shin Jie Yong, a Malaysian “postgrad” in neurobiology. It is important to note that Yong is a proponent of germ theory, and since these results fly in the face of that theory, he doesn’t understand or accept them. He merely walks away from the evidence saying “We’ll probably never know the answer.”

Source: When evidence does not support a theory … ignore it – Piece of Mindful


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