The Spanish Flu was not contagious

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Despite all types of methods, they couldn’t get it to spread from sick to healthy.

Even in 1919 You still can’t catch something you have within you to help repair your terrain.

Clearly, those that were sick were all reacting in sympathy to unique environmental traumas to their system – like chemical poisoning or nutritional deficiencies.

This article, Spread of the Spanish Flu Was Never Experimentally Confirmed, has details and evidence that I was searching for. It is written by Shin Jie Yong, a Malaysian “postgrad” in neurobiology. It is important to note that Yong is a proponent of germ theory, and since these results fly in the face of that theory, he doesn’t understand or accept them. He merely walks away from the evidence saying “We’ll probably never know the answer.”

Source: When evidence does not support a theory … ignore it – Piece of Mindful


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4 thoughts on “The Spanish Flu was not contagious

  1. Steven Lovett

    I keep coming across the following link in comment sections on various youtube channels which no one has answered. It is a paper claiming to have mapped out the complete genome of coronavirus 2. If anyone knows someone that may shed light on this i’d be interested to hear.

    Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 isolate Wuhan-Hu-1, complete genome…

  2. gaia

    Adding to the physiological external damage in becoming infected, or dis-ease, I would mention the plancebo (just popped up in my head, but I like it); both then and now:
    Make people believe there is a huge epidemic razing and whatever dis-ease they feel they automatically ascribe to that epidemic, “oh, I must have Covid/Gripa española”.

    It’s a form of indoctrinated hypochondria.


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