5 thoughts on “Nasal rape

  1. dirtybenny


    I remain extremely suspicious of their “test” and would personally never take it under ANY circumstance. They are accessing the brain nearly directly through the olfactory nerves that perforate the cribriform plate. The process for innoculating the nasal mucosa with a “substance” would be identical. There is a reason that people sneeze and pull away from these tests. The body is instinctively trying to protect itself from a threat.

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    Is the nasal cavity classed as inside the body, does nice bacteria not like crawling up from our top lip,(which is stiff as fuck) up my nose, to bump into Covaids, oh and it’s time for upper management to be bribed in order to get yes tested, so if you arrive for work and your bosses car isn’t there, but there’s an ambulance with gladiator podium sticks run, some nice audios again, may the force be with you

  3. ricky

    I had this experience yesterday, mandatory pre-op protocol, hip-replacement on Tuesday. They make sure it’s painful, the “technician” was on the level of a DHS employee at an airport, loving their new found status. I’m just trying to get shit done before the “controlled demolition” prohibits it, I suspect another “shutdown” is coming. Lots of big changes coming without a doubt and not enough aware people to stop it, I’m trying to prepare on a personal level, not counting on a “mass awakening” or any saviors.

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